Frequently Asked Questions

What is Football Blueprint? +

Football Blueprint is an easy-to-use mobile app that will simplify your coaching job, eliminate stress, and help you achieve more success on the field.

Inside, you’ll discover more than 140 championship proven drills and plays, along with innovative tools to plan your practices and create your own custom playbook. Visit our features page for more details.

How do I install Football Blueprint? +

Just press the App Store or Google Play button below and you'll be directed to our app download page. From there, just press GET or INSTALL and follow the instructions to install the app on your mobile device.

What devices does Football Blueprint work on? +

Football Blueprint is designed for use on iPhone or iPad. An Android version is in the works!

Is Football Blueprint free? +

Yes! The free version of Football Blueprint gives you instant access to more than 30 championship proven drills and plays. Additional drill packs, playbooks, and coaching tools can be unlocked for a small fee.

What is Football Blueprint PRO? +

Upgrading to PRO unlocks the Clipboard (so you can draw your own playbooks), the complete Practice Planner, the complete Drill Library and all the Playbooks.

How do I upgrade to PRO? +

upgradetoproTo upgrade, tap the PRO button in the bottom right corner of the app. Follow the prompts to complete your upgrade and access the unlocked content.

Does my PRO upgrade cover multiple devices? +

Yes! Any in-app purchase you make can be downloaded to multiple devices.

Here's how it works:

1. Download the free Football Blueprint app to your first device and complete your in-app purchase

2. Download the free Football Blueprint app onto your second device

3. Open the app on your second device, and tap the PRO button

4. You should see a link that says "Restore Purchase." Tap this link to download your in-app purchase content to the second device.

Why won't my videos play? +

All the files are in streaming video format, and require an Internet connection to play. The app works best when your device is connected to a Wifi network.

Why is there no volume on my videos? +

mutebuttonIf there is no volume on your video playback, it's probably because your device is in silent mode.

To fix this, look for a small button on the side of your device and flip it from "silent" to "ring".